What Are The Advantages Of Using WordPress For A Business Site?


Whether you just launched a new business and need a website for it or your business has a site but you’re not happy with it, you should consider using WordPress as the backend for your site.

Since this platform makes it easy to get a site up and running, you’ll be able to start promoting it through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter in no time.

Isn’t WordPress Just for Blogs?

Although this is a common misconception, it’s definitely not true. With just a few clicks, a standard WordPress installation can be transformed from a blog into a traditional website for a business, Atlanta schools or any other organization.

And thanks to all of the business themes that are available, it’s easy to get the exact look you want for your site. It’s also easy to add as many pages like About, Services or Contact as you want.

Another nice thing about using WordPress for a business website is if you want to have a blog, you won’t have to deal with two sites or platforms. Instead, you’ll be able to choose what you want for your homepage.

Then you’ll be able to link your blog to a page like /blog so that visitors will be able to easily navigate to it. For an organization like a private school or a business of any size, this makes it easy to build a loyal audience. And if you don’t want to have a blog on your WordPress site, it’s just as easy to turn that feature off.

What Are the Strengths of WordPress?

The biggest strength of WordPress is that it’s easy to use. Many hosts allow you to install this platform with a single click. And once it’s installed, you’ll find that the administrative dashboard is easy to navigate.

What’s really awesome about WordPress is even though it’s very easy to use, that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. On the contrary, it’s possible to get as customized and technical as you want with a WP installation.

Another big factor behind the popularity of WordPress is the fact that there are thousands of themes and plugins available for download. While some cost a small amount of money, a large percentage are free.

This combination means without creating a design or writing any code, it’s almost always possible to make WordPress look exactly like you want, as well as get it to do just about anything you want.

Because WordPress has such a strong ecosystem, if you ever encounter an issue or have a question, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it answered in an online forum.

Thanks to all the strengths of WordPress, this platform currently powers 35% of the web. From industrial supply companies to local hair salons, businesses and organizations of all sizes have found that WordPress is the ideal website tool for their needs.

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