Top 5 Reasons to Focus on SEO During COVID – 19


The COVID – 19 pandemic has left everyone in a mess. While governments are struggling to save people’s lives and contain the spread of the virus, businesses are struggling with their marketing strategies. Everyone is trying to do their best as per their knowledge and resources.

Some companies are changing their strategy and saving up on cash to brace worse situations down the line. However, business owners need to realize that not every business suffers losses during a crisis.

Some can even experience a slight boost in their sales or at least maintain their position before the lockdown. The best SEO companies are suggesting businesses to continue their SEO practices even amid this pandemic. Here are the top 5 reasons to continue SEO activities during COVID – 19:

SEO Will Help Balance/Increase the Cash Flow 

COVID – 19 has also led to an economic crisis across the globe. During such a time, cash is the biggest asset for any business. Businesses that have the necessary cash flow at such times can survive the hardest of economic crisis.

Apart from SEO, an opt-in email list is the only marketing tactic that will generate ROI. But again, an opt-in email list is not just available on the internet. An opt-in email list can be created when there is demand. SEO is the best way to create demand. 

Both paid and organic search engine marketing will reach the consumers only when they need something. The SEO efforts will generate leads/sales because the consumer chooses your brand while searching for products/services online.

Not to forget that people are going to need things even in lockdown. In fact, they will spend more time searching for things online. So, even if an enterprise’s sales are going downwards, they can still make their brand visible with SEO. A comprehensive SEO strategy will help them reach customers who are still interested in purchasing products. 

Measurable Results 

Every industry is facing a budget crunch right now. Hence, it is only logical if businesses decide to move their marketing efforts from the top of the funnel to consumers with an immediate intent to purchase.

SEO focuses on such an audience and proves whether the efforts were effective or not. As opposed to branding campaigns, SEO campaigns are easy to analyze. The marketing team can know the results by looking at the sales figures or potential customers in the analytics.  

The data will allow the marketing team to alter the strategies as per the need of the hour. It will be safe to say that the businesses should expect consumer behavior to change constantly due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.

So, in such a situation, it becomes all the more critical that marketing strategies are data-driven. Marketers must not only change strategies based on prospect preferences but should also focus more on keywords that have the potential to connect with the current mood of the target market. 

People Search During Scarcity 

Every crisis brings out a need for different types of products. In the current scenario, essential items are in maximum demand. While some things are already out of stock, others are on the verge of being out of stock. When people face scarcity, they start looking for alternatives.

If a business belongs to an industry where people are looking for scarce resources, then they are at an advantage. Smart marketers will be on the lookout to capitalize on this scarcity and start work on ranking the keywords related to those items. 

Many of the SEO experts will also begin link building activities on the alternative options to the products that are hard to find or expensive. When an enterprise redirects all their digital marketing efforts to SEO, they will undoubtedly have the upper hand to their competitors.

That is because SEO will not only give them measurable results but also maintain their cash flow. Therefore, it is wise to invest in keywords related to scarce items, while the demand increases. 

Goods & Services Are Still a Necessity 

Even though there is panic everywhere on social media, it is not the end of the world. People still require goods and services to carry out with their daily activities in quarantine. Organic SEO is the best way to attract customers who are still willing to purchase or avail services. SEO will not give immediate results. Regular SEO activities will give results in the long run. 

Not every CEO will be able to maintain his/her calm during the crisis, especially when the sales are taking a hit. The best bet for marketers to calm their CEO for a bit is SEO. A search engine marketing strategy would become even more relevant if the enterprise did not adopt it in the past. When marketers explain the benefits of a carefully planned SEO strategy, the CEO will have high chances of agreeing to it and keeping patience for a while to see the results. 

Normalcy Will Return Soon 

As time passes, everything will settle down. The definition of normal life may be a little altered, but things will definitely stabilize. As people will be more inclined to shop online, SEO will remain one of the best ways to reach the target audience.

The businesses that implement effective marketing strategies will get rewards once everything returns to normalcy. It holds especially true for people who invest in SEO. Even though the SEO campaign results are fast, the effectiveness of an SEO campaign cannot be achieved overnight. 

An effective SEO campaign will take time. Also, working on SEO during such a global crisis may lay the foundation for many more years to come. An enterprise can see the results of their investment in SEO campaigns in later years. The immediate and long term results of an SEO campaign will help the business to survive during any difficult time that the future holds. 


COVID- 19 has presented challenges to every business irrespective of the industry it belongs to. It has become especially challenging to find effective ways to market the product and services.

While offline marketing means are of no use now, SEO will always remain a reliable and effective way to market the products and services. If a business wants to sustain in the long run, then it is highly recommended to continue the SEO activities. 

James Mordy
James Mordy is a content writer for Goodfirms. A voracious reader, an avid researcher, a logophile, and a tech geek he loves to read about the latest technologies that are shaping the world. He often articulates the very nuances of the tech world in his blogs. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and analyze stock markets around the world.

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