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A keyword is a common word or combination of words that internet users search for in search engines to find a particular product or service. During the process of on-page SEO, relevant keywords are seamlessly integrated into the content of a website.


This stands for Search Engine Marketing, which refers to the entire process of creating awareness about a website using various methods of search engine optimisation and search advertising. This may include free and paid search marketing methods to attract greater volumes of targeted traffic to a website.

Search Engine Algorithm

A complex mathematical sum that is being used to index and rank websites based on a broad selection of criteria. Each and every search engine results a web user receives is a result of such an algorithm.


This stands for “Search Engine Results Pages”.  These are the resulting pages displayed after a search is performed in a search engine by an internet user looking for a particular keyword or phrase.

Link Building

This is the process of creating links to a website from other online sources to increase the popularity and relevant traffic to the website.  These inbound links are created using various sources; external blogging, promotions using social media and link exchanges are the most popular methods.

Link Exchange

This link building technique involves two websites placing links to each other’s websites. During this process, it creates a relationship between the two websites that will be recognised by the search engines and should encourage a higher ranking position for both.

When exchanging links like this it is important to exchange links with websites that have a common theme to your product or service.

Link Bait

This is the process of encouraging web users to bookmark or link to a particular website.

This is done by various methods, such as placing a press release containing fresh and useful information, a top ten list, or a popular product review etc, on a website.

When such useful information is offered, internet users are naturally tempted to access the website to view the data.

Link Juice

This is the passing of high page rank of a particular website to another website which are interlinked.

When a website is rich with fresh relevant content and useful links that website is given higher rankings and the pages linked to that high-rank website also receive a higher page ranking.

Therefore, to get better value its beneficial to implement link exchange with websites that have already achieved high rankings.

Exact Match Domain

An exact match domain is a website URL that precisely matches it’s targeted keyword, i.e. Previously EMDs were very powerful, obtaining high search results rankings, however, since many spammers created low-quality EMD sites to achieve top rankings, Google took action. In October 2012 they updated an algorithm that penalised exact match domains.


Indexing refers to when a search engine has crawled a website and it’s inner pages which is when they will begin to display within search engine results.

This process does not determine the ranking position but simply determines that a page exists within the database and can be recognised by a search engine. 

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