The Number One Reason Small Business Owners Should Be Blogging


I wholeheartedly believe that if you are a small business owner you should be blogging about it.

Why do you ask? Well, imaginary reader, I am glad you asked because I am going to tell you.

Now I could start off with a bunch of statistics illustrating the ways that blogging can help drive traffic to a web site and how that traffic can be converted into sales (and if you are into that kind of stuff stay tuned because there will be posts about that in the future) but instead, I am going to focus on the one reason more than any other that you as a small business owner should be blogging, no matter what your business.

I can hear you now imaginary reader, “But I own an Ice Cream shop why do I need to blog?” or “I sell XYZ widgets as a B2B, what possible use could I have for a blog?” In my humble opinion, it doesn’t really matter what you are selling, because in the end, you are really selling yourself.

The odds are against you being the only business in your field (if you are kudos! it won’t last long) that being said you need something to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. And that is your story.

James Altucher (great blogger, I get nothing from linking to him, he doesn’t know me from a jawa in the desert) talked about this on his blog. He talks about a study that was done where a man bought a bunch of junk and then sold it on eBay. He made $X selling said junk.

He then sold the same junk again but instead posted it with a story about where it came from, what it was used for, etc. The second time around, selling the same junk, he made $X * 4.

That’s 4 times the profits just by telling a compelling story. Would it benefit your business if you quadrupled your profits?

If so (and let’s be honest there isn’t a company in the world that wouldn’t love to increase their profits) then a blog is a great place to start.

Large companies spend millions upon millions on advertising to tell you their brand story. Nike apparel and shoes make you a better athlete. FedEx always ships on time.

Dos Equis (XX) will make you like the most interesting man in the world. These are the stories that they want you to believe. For a small business, a blog (and to a lesser extent social media in general) is a place for you to tell your potential clients your story.

Say you are the owner of a small Mexican food restaurant. What is your story? Why did you open a restaurant? Was it because your mother and abuelita were amazing cooks who taught you to love food?

Was it because you once travelled to Mexico and fell in love with the food there? Or was it because you loved cooking since you were a child and Mexican is your favourite cuisine? Then why doesn’t matter but telling the story does.

When someone reads your story it helps them feel like they know you and can trust you and that will make them more likely to buy your service or product. It really is that simple.

I will leave you with one more thought. Have you ever watched a reality show?

Odds are that most would answer yes. If you have (and if you haven’t you can take my word on this) have you ever noticed that in the first few episodes they spend more time telling you about the contestants and where they came from then they do on the actual action?

Why do you think that is? Again it’s simple. Stories make us feel like we connect on a deeper level. An interesting story will draw us in more than anything else.

They want us to know the contestants so that we care about them and want to see them again and again.

So there it is. Big businesses know that story is king. They do everything they can to tell you their story.

If you want your small business to think big you need to tell your story too.

Alex Street
Alex likes to write about anything related to technology, marketing and gadgets. He sometimes reviews the latest tech and also writes on other blogs.

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