Simple Ways To Make Tasks Easier


We’re all a little pressed for time these days. Between work, family, relationships, exercise, socializing, eating and sleeping, every spare second we can save is important!

Thankfully, every day there are new ways cropping up that help us keep our lives organized and efficient.

Smartphones are one wonderful tool for increasing productivity. They can help you stay connected to work through your email, calendar, notes, etc. and also do the same with your life outside of work.

There are also many other technologies and services that can help you make sure you are using your time in the most productive way. Here are a few simple ways you can use your smartphone and technology to help you stay on top of menial tasks and also tackle the big ones.

1. Note taking apps

If you’re the type of person who has sticky notes tacked all over your refrigerator, your car dashboard and your computer wallpaper or are constantly emailing yourself or setting alarms for little reminders, it might be time to use a note-taking app to get all your thoughts into one organized space.

Apps like Evernote and Springpad are great for compiling information and helping you to organize it into neat categories.

You can divide up the info by work, personal life, etc. and easily see at a glance exactly what you thought was important to jot down in the first place! These are truly a great resource in helping you stay organized.

2. Mobile services

Forget leaving the office to spend half a day hunting down something that you need or on an errand you’ve been putting off. These days, you can have pretty much anything come straight to your door.

Whether it’s using a pickup and delivery laundry service or seeking out national mobile notary services, you can take advantage of the convenience of having these things taken care of without wasting time.

Many of them also operate after business hours and on weekends so you can tackle your errands and business tasks last minute.

3. Outsource tasks

Another way to cut back on interruptions and improve your productivity is to use services that allow you to post household errands and tasks and have skilled workers come take over for you!

Services like TaskRabbit offer a slew of workers in your zip code that will either work remotely or from your home to help you organize your address book, clean up excel files, get that stain out of your carpet, touch up your website, walk your dog – the list never ends!

Jot down all those tasks you’ve been putting off for months because you haven’t had the time and think about whether it might be worth hiring help!

No matter how big or small your tasks or errands are, there are resources out there to help!

You’ll find that once you have allocated certain jobs in different ways, you’ll have much more time to stay focused and prioritize your time in the best possible way.

That way you’ll have more time in life to focus on the things that really matter most.

Diane White
Diane is a regular contributor and blogger. She writes about health, life, food and more. Watch this space for more awesome content.

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