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Would you like to work on personal branding? Wondering to create a workable business around your personal brand? Read with me.

Why entrepreneurs and marketers should care about personal branding

People don’t do business with companies. They do business with people they know, like as well as trust. We build relationships based on trust and mutual bonds.

There’s just something about a human bond that creates a level of loyalty and customer loyalty that goes beyond any relationship a company could ever achieve. The strong ties people have with each other can never be overestimated.

Even large companies have people with a personality who help further develop their brand’s mission. Apple had Steve Jobs, Virgin has Richard Branson, and Tesla has Elon Musk.

If you are a small business owner, then you are probably this personality. If you work in the marketing department, it is probably one of the executives. Even if you work for a company as an employee, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t and shouldn’t build your own personal brand.

Personal branding and leadership

Today, personal branding opportunities exist that allow any motivator to influence one’s thinking. This can be their customers, salespeople, shareholders, stakeholders, and partners, but also their employees and internal team members.

As a CEO, founder or business owner, your personal brand is a huge asset for you that can grow your business both publicly and internally.

Which owner, founder or CEO would not like to mobilize, use and maximize all available assets to further their company’s mission?

Let’s start with the basics: What is a fire?

A fire is a perception or set of associations consumers have of a company. Those perceptions arise from the story you tell about your company. The vision, the values ​​you have in mind.

The products and services you offer. How your customers change as a result of using those products or services.

This is where almost everyone goes wrong when it comes to personal branding. Because personal branding is not about Marc Wajsberg.

A personal brand is not about creating a hyper-stylish, idealized, hard-to-reach person.

A personal brand is not an alternative version of yourself. It is the deepening and definition of the brand. Because it pertains to the people you want to connect to and serve.

If the word “personal brand” makes you feel miserable, let’s just put the word aside. Instead, consider the following questions.

Crucial questions regarding personal branding

  • What do you do or offer?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • What motivates you to do what you do?
  • What motivates you to get out of bed early morning?

These questions will always lead to your vision and values, but it is also the basis for the story you want to tell about yourself. When people ask me why I am an online marketing company, I tell them that I am driven to help people and companies based on my knowledge and experience.

I am passionate about sharing what I know and have learned from over 35 years of experience. When people ask me why I write, direct and edit video ads myself, I tell them that thanks to empathy for the viewer or prospect, combined with a lot of knowledge about the way social media work, I can do this really well for them.

They are not alone faced with the great unknown that online marketing still is for many SMEs.

  • How is it better or different from other people who do what you do?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What makes you the better / best option from the perspective of your reader, customer, etc.?
  • When people think of you, what are the 3 – 4 words that come to mind?
  • Who are you in your being?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What value do people get when they connect with you, your work, your offer?
  • Are they entertained, trained, informed?
  • Are you making their life somehow easier?
  • Do you save them time or money?
  • Why would people believe that you are the one?
  • What education, experience or expertise do you have?
  • What is your style of communication? Your tone? Your personality? Are you witty and sharp? An authoritative caregiver? Funny?
  • How do you best communicate, ie, best convey information through video, text, audio, images or a combination of the above?
  • Which style of visual material best reflects who you are?

A very important other question regarding personal branding

Who do you serve? This is perhaps the most important point of all the points. I can’t count how many people, including companies, don’t consider who they want to serve as part of building their brand.

People will build and perfect their products, website design, logos, fun packaging, etc … without any data-driven understanding of their customer or target audience.

Without insight into the preferences, motivations, influences, consumption habits and buying behaviour of their target group.

Their brand is well found or super cute…. on themselves and for themselves because they created it in a vacuum. You may love your product, but if you don’t convey how you help someone, solve their problems, or add value to their life, you have only a very expensive hobby, not a business.

Personal branding – conclusion

Developing a personal brand is simply identifying what you create, why you create it, who you create it for, and why you are the one to whom your ideal prospect or customer should commit.

Because you don’t do van branding out of vanity. You do it because it will allow you to ‘sell’ yourself better, more and more expensive.

Article submitted by Raunak Pandey of Maiden Stride.

Alex Street
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