Facebook Tips Every College Graduate Should Know


As a college graduate, you’re in a peculiar place. You’ve been an adult for several years now, but in many ways, you lived the life of a teenager through your college years.

Your primary focus was school work even though you may have held a part-time job to pay for your expenses. Socializing was likely a big part of your college experience.

Now that you’re out in the real world, however, it’s very important that you manage your social networks well. Your Facebook account, in particular, may need an overhaul.

Here are three tips for managing your Facebook profile after graduating from college.

Protect Your Privacy

It is a very common practice nowadays for employers to look at a person’s social media accounts before hiring. If your account is public, you may want to change that.

The best option is to change your Facebook privacy settings so that only your friends can see your photos and status updates. This prevents your potential employer from seeing them unless he or she is on your friends list.

You’ll also want to change your settings for being tagged in photos and status updates to require your permission to do so.

While you’re ready to grow up, all of your friends may not be prepared to do so, and you don’t want to be tagged in an embarrassing (or incriminating) photo that may be visible to the public.

Act Like an Adult

If you have regularly engaged in arguments, telling offensive jokes or posting inappropriate photographs and images, now is the time to stop.

Once you get a job, you’ll undoubtedly receive requests from coworkers to be added to your friends list and gifts chosen from the online gift finder. It’s up to you whether you allow this or not.

It isn’t recommended, but it can cause some friction in the workplace if you ignore the request. The last thing you want your coworkers (or even your boss) to see is that argument with your ex-boyfriend or that offensive joke you told about blondes.

Manage Your Reputation

Before adding any coworkers, if you choose to do so, spend some time combing through old photographs, tagged photos and status updates to see if there’s anything you should remove.

While you may think they should just chalk some things up to the college experience, many people will not. It may take a significant amount of time to manage your online reputation, but ensuring that any incriminating posts are deleted can help you rest easy about your colleagues viewing your profile.

Facebook is a great social tool and can even be used for career and educational goals. However, you need to recognize the impact its use can have on how you are perceived.

Diane White
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