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Saxon in origin, Basingstoke has seen an incredible transformation over the years. From its time as an old market town to being dubbed as “Roundabout City,” Basingstoke is a hubbub of town life and activity. 

Now a great place for 21st Century living, Basingstoke is a happy medium between cosmopolitan and countryside life. Fast becoming one of the UK’s most family-friendly towns, Basingstoke has much to offer its locals and tourists alike. 

As we return to a “new normal” post Lockdown, we’ve taken a look at what cool activities Basingstoke has to offer:

Milestones Museum

Explore Hampshire’s past with a fully immersive experience into the area’s Victorian history to present day. Milestones Museum is no ordinary museum – it is a museum of living history. You can walk the cobbled streets of your ancestors, explore Victorian homes and even buy a ration of sweets from the resident 1940s sweet shop. 

Play the part and become one of the characters! With Milestones’ replica Victorian schoolroom and working printing press, you will feel as though you have stepped back through time. 

Open to children and adults of all ages, Milestones Museum is a treat for the whole family. With regular events and exhibitions throughout the year, Milestones is not to be missed!

Exciting Escapes

Time is ticking, and you have a mystery solve! Basingstoke’s Exciting Escapes is an experience like no other. With seven wholly unique and immersive escape rooms for you to choose from, nothing could be cooler than beating the clock in this once in a lifetime adventure! Unless you catch the escape room bug that is! 

From uncovering a Cold War plot to overthrowing a government to deterring a diplomatic incident, who will win in this game of cat and mouse? Exciting Escapes is a real treat for the senses, as well as your brain. 

Not only can you play detective, but you also get to immerse yourself in another world fully. With authentic props and fascinating storylines, this is one mystery you won’t want to miss.

iFLY Basingstoke Indoor Skydiving Experience

If you want to blow away some cobwebs, iFLY is the place for you! Learning how to float in an 800-horsepower vertical wind tunnel, iFLY allows you to feel the sensation of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane. 

Adrenaline junkies will get a kick out of the 130 to 175mph winds you can experience within the flight chamber. During your flight, you will be flying in a column of air supported by a stable wall-to-wall airflow, as your instructor guides you. 

Each session lasts for about 90 minutes and is within a group setting. You will experience freefall for the same amount of time as if you did three tandem skydives. 

What’s more, no experience is necessary for you to enjoy the ride!

Bombay Sapphire Distillery

A stone’s throw from Basingstoke lives the iconic Bombay Sapphire Distillery. Set in the historical former Laverstoke Mill – a Georgian paper mill – the distillery has found its home among some of the area’s most beautiful scenery. 

Amongst the listed 18th Century mill buildings and the opulent greenhouses designed by the Heatherwick Studio, you can see where the gin’s botanicals are lovingly grown. 

As you go further into the tour, you will have your eyes opened to the distillery process and the wonders of juniper berries, angelica and lemon peel to name a few. You’ll also get a sneaky peek into how “vapour-infusion distillation” works at the Dakin Still House. 

So, while you are sipping on your custom cocktail at the Mill Bar, feel inspired by the distillery process. You never know, it may leave you wanting to learn the art yourself!


Dreaming of the Alps, or simply wanting to try something new, Skizone might be just the ticket. What could be more different than being confined to your Lockdown enforced four walls? 

Revolving and fully adjustable, Skizone’s slopes replicate a real piste. Although the slopes aren’t covered in crisp snow, you will feel like you are skiing. Falling down may pack a punch, as the surface is covered in an astroturf carpet. But, astroturf is trendy, so enjoy!

Suitable for all ages, Skizone offers a vast range of lessons for those just starting out, or for those wanting to hone their skills. With a fully qualified instructor there to give you tips and support, your technique will be perfected in no time!

Vibrant and dynamic, Basingstoke had a lot of fun to offer! What will your first post-Lockdown activity be?

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