4 Solid Ways to Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development


Building a powerful app that brings in users comes at a high price. Even experts say that to create something useful, you need to spend like you don’t have a limit, and if you want to get something under a budget, be ready to compromise on quality.

But what if you wish to develop an app under a budget without compromising on quality?

Fortunately, there are a few efficient ways to reduce the cost of app development without settling for less in terms of quality. Let’s look at those ways:


Careful planning is the first step to get an app that offers excellent returns. It commonly includes meticulous research on your target audience — their likes and dislikes, their choice of smartphones, and others.

Since they are the ones who will use your app, they need your attention before anything else.

Next, research your competitors — those with similar apps. By doing so, you will know the features you must include in your app, the challenges you may face, and whether to go for hybrid app development or cross-platform. It will also help you determine if your app has a unique value proposition.

As a general rule, you should develop an app only if it has something unique to offer to users, or else, you run the risk of no ROI.

Once you know that your app has something unique to offer, begin planning the whats and hows of development. It is after you spend some time on effective planning that you can improve your app quality and cut the cost of trial and error. You will also get an idea of the overall budget for the app.

Choose cross-platform

Your users are scattered across multiple platforms, primarily Android and iOS, and you may want to target as many platforms as you can to expand your user base. However, developing an app for different platforms is an expensive undertaking.

The best course of action to target both Android and iOS while reducing the cost is to develop cross-platform apps rather than going forhybrid mobile app development. Cross-platform apps are universal these days and are considered the perfect use of technology and expertise. While many iPhone app development companies may tell that their cost is high, it is still less than building separate apps to target two different platforms.

Interactive prototypes

You probably didn’t know this, but only one app out of ten reaches the top of the success ladder. The primary reason why so many apps fail is that they fail to meet the users’ expectations. It is a big blow to app development companies because of the time and resources spent on development. Besides, the cost of modification and correction adds insult to injury. To avoid such charges, many Android and iPhone app development companieshave started building interactive prototypes of their apps before they set the final development in motion.

A prototype gives a clear picture of the app — features, navigation, UI/UX design. Consider it a blueprint that helps both developers and clients to know whether they head in the right direction. And upon reviewing, if the client doesn’t like some features or design, modification can be made at this stage, preventing the costs that may come at later stages.


Many people consider outsourcing their app development project to a reliable app development company. It has many advantages. First, experienced android or iPhone app development companies know all the nitty-gritty of cost reduction in the development process.

Second, you don’t need to hire new developers for every new project that demands specialised knowledge. Besides, training existing developers is often costly as well as time-consuming. Third, by outsourcing app development, you can focus on other core things of your business without worrying about the future of your app. So, if you don’t have the expertise to build the app you want to launch, you better look for outsourcing companies.


While it’s true that developing a useful app that caters to the exact needs of customers comes at a considerable cost, you can still manage to get a product without spoiling your savings, and not to forget, without compromising on quality.

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