4 Reasons Why You Should Drive an Audi


Much like any car manufacturer’s product, you’re likely to hear both horror stories and love stories about the thrills of driving an Audi. The simple fact of the matter remains that, what one driver loves, another driver will hate. Some Audis, however, are near universally loved, and here are four reasons why you should look to buy one.

1) Value For Money

Although they’re far from the cheapest cars available on the market, with an Audi you do get considerable value for money; as well as a car that is built to last/ The value doesn’t merely stop at the sticker price, however, and many Audis (depending on the model you select, of course) are great in terms of fuel economy, which makes it a solid long-term investment. You can even find great used car finance deals online from companies like Carvine, so you’ll be able to find something in your price range from the comfort of your own home.

2) Reliability

Modern technology does often mean that many cars are more reliable than they were a decade to twenty years ago. Audis are no exception to this rule, and they’re in fact one of the most reliable manufacturers available on the market today. Put simply, if you get an Audi, you’re guaranteed to get to where you want to go, and you won’t spend hours at the mechanic each and every month.

3) High Performance

Not all Audis are perfect, of course, but the performance of many Audis compares favourably with other cars at the top of the market (at an often cheaper price). With a responsive accelerator, light steering and sensitive breaks, there’s a performance element to Audis that every driver can love.

4) Design Finally

Audis are among the most beautiful cars on the market, regularly coming near the top of the hottest car lists. One of the beauties of Audis is that from their smallest car in the range to the largest, the styling remains consistent, leaving you with a high finish no matter what your price range.

This extends to the inside, too. Which is full of soft leather and high-quality furnishing which make long motorway drives a breeze.

So, there we have it, four reasons why you should make an Audi your next car. From a great value for money to high performance and a look and style that would make anyone jealous, Audis really are the perfect vehicles.

Alex Street
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