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Sleeping positions of the couple speak a lot about the relationship

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To believe it or not but the sleeping position does tell about your relationship. Your subconscious mind really works well in the sleep too. The mind molds your body the way you feel about your partner and what your spark your relation has. It doesn’t matter if you are husband wife or young boyfriend-girlfriend. So check whether your relation has strength, love, care or problem.

Few of such notable position and their signs are given as below: 1. ‘Spooning’ position: Spooning’ position: എന്നതിനുള്ള ചിത്രം
This position is also known as the position of happy couples. This position makes one feel secure, safe and connected. In this position, if a man is behind it depicts that he is the leader taking utter care of his lady. The tighter he hugs the protective he is towards the woman. If the woman is behind in this position shows about her protectiveness towards her man. Here she totally strives to be real close to the man.

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