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Ever Thought Why ‘C’ is default drive and how to change drive letters

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As we all know that computers were made from the calculator and in older times, only some people can use computers as people have to learn some command language to operate a computer which is not easy for everyone. So, everyone needs an operator for operating or storing data into computers. Then because of GUI we also started using the computer, now everyone can use computers, and it is not only employed in offices. Computers become an essential part of our life from a calculator to mobile everything is the computer. Nowadays we not only use computers for doing normal

In 1980s floppy disks were labeled as ‘An’ and ‘B’ that’s why we label hard drive as a ‘C.’ As time goes on we stopped using floppy disks as they can store very small amount of data that’s why ‘an’ and ‘B’ label vanishes with floppy disks and partition or we can say drives of hard disk starts from default label ‘C’ and others are ‘D’, ‘E’ and so on. But if you want to change these labels of your drive then you can also do that by just following some easy steps as shown below. 1. Firstly, You have to open CMD or Command Prompt in your computer, you can open it by just searching it, or you can also press WIN + R and then type ‘cmd’ and hit enter.

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Ever Thought Why ‘C’ is default drive and how to change drive letters

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